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“What you don’t know you don’t know… And sometimes what you think you know really isn’t so.”
—Jim Rohn

Professionally Managed 401(k) Accounts

If you currently participate in a 401(k), 403 (B), or 457 plan you should consider having your account professionally managed. By doing so it could potentially mitigate significant losses in your account from a stock market crash if one were to happen. It could also enhance your future gains proportionally all at the same time.

That’s why it is so important to embrace two powerful and time-tested principles of investing by two noteworthy individuals Albert Einstein and Warren Buffet.  Albert Einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world “Those who understand it earn it, those who don’t pay it!”  Warren Buffet has two rules for investing, Rule #1, “Never lose money”. Rule #2, “Never forget rule #1”.

The key to compounding your 401(k) contributions is by having the ability to “Sidestep” the worst Stock Market downturns”! Don’t accept losses as just being part of participating in a 401(k) because there are proven systems available today that can help mitigate your losses and maximize your gains. You no longer do you have to sit by passively hoping and praying for the stock market to always go up because it doesn’t and everyone knows it.

Stock market downturns (Corrections) happen on average every 4-6 years and during those years you savings drift lower as a result but now you have the opportunity to do something about it. When properly managed your 401(k) plan and other investment accounts can experience minimal disruption which allows the magic of compounding to happen. That’s what I refer to as “Your Bright Sunny Future” and by the way, your friends will think you are a financial genius!

The truth is you could take hundreds of hours to create the perfect basket of mutual funds with the perfect ratios and measure all the statistical data perfectly but when the market crashes it crashes. My point is you can do all the research and analysis you want and unless you have a proven stop loss strategy in place everything else just doesn’t matter when the market crashes!

By having professional 401(k) money managers take control of your account and protect it from significant losses you can start living a more confident life by knowing the next market crash could be a great opportunity to realize significant gains on the next upswing all because you have minimized the downside risks.

As a financial advisor, I work with a lot of people nearing retirement and after I review the mathematical performance inside of their 401(k)’s over their working career I always see the same Slack Jawed Response. I help consumers with their 401 (k) plans and other investments every day and they all agree on the same thing, they want to earn more in their 401(k) and other retirement investments.

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Once you reach 59 ½ you become eligible to exercise the In-Service-Rollover provision in your employer-sponsored plans while you are still working. This opportunity opens up many additional options to the employee that can potentially enhance their retirement savings by reducing or completely eliminating market risk and uncertainty as well as reducing or eliminating internal fees.

In addition to eliminating risks and fees, many top tier custodians offer safe indexing strategies designed for continued growth of your principal and guaranteed rates of compound interest in the mid-single digits.

After the In-Service-Transfer into an IRA has occurred, the employee can still continue to contribute to the plan and receive employer matching funds until they retire. Implementing this smart money management strategy enables the employee to utilize the power of compounding interest and the safety of principal l while they continue to build their wealth without market risks and excessive fees that can erode their principal.

Most folks think they should roll the entire amount of their 401(k) into one location. Generally, that is a recipe for problems later on in life. Depending on asset totals it can be very beneficial to create multiple or even dozens of accounts for tax purposes as well as legacy distribution purposes. Whether you realize it or not, there are a few hidden tax traps waiting for you in retirement and the latest was passed into law in 2015 (IRMMA).

There should always be a defined goal in mind when selecting a custodian for your 401k transfer. Your future income needs are depending on you to make the right decisions today and that future is in your hands so choose wisely. Financial stability and rating are also very important considerations. I use only top tier custodians that are the right fit for my client’s objectives and needs. I take a lot of time and give much consideration to my client’s wealth transfers today because it will affect them tomorrow. The proper positioning of your assets is a lot more complex than just completing a “Roll-Over”.

I want my clients to look back at their relationship me and say, “He was really looking out for our best interest and we are grateful”


How do you successfully invest for retirement and beyond?

At Horter Investment, our goal is simple: Help you reach your financial goals.

By developing a system designed to be Low Risk, Low Volatility1 investment management system, we can help protect your nest egg over your lifetime while striving to earn consistent rates of return over time.

No longer do you have to fear buying and holding and watch your assets disappear while taking income and abating inflation during retirement. Along the way, we will help you understand the benefits of our retirement money management solution with tactical managers using investment vehicles, including annuities, ETFs, stocks and mutual funds.

To develop a suitable plan for your retirement investments, we first get to know you and your risk tolerance calculating your net worth, identifying your financial objectives, cash flow needs, investment experiences, financial circumstances, and current investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc.), among other factors. Then, based on that information, we develop a low risk, low volatility1 portfolio strategy with appropriate investment and active daily management for the long-term preservation of your retirement investments.

But our involvement in helping you manage your retirement assets doesn’t stop there. As your situation and goals change over time, we revisit your investment strategy and make adjustments to help you meet your goals. Your portfolio should adapt as your needs change. We also consider changing market conditions and may make adjustments to the portfolio. Furthermore, as part of our high-touch service model, we provide ongoing education to keep you apprised of our thinking around current events and day-to-day market volatility.

A message from Michael: “I believe that in these uncertain times tactical money management is more critical than ever”. The advantage of Tactical over traditional big-box brokerages (MPT) strategies is simple. The big-box brokerages focus on return only and tactical focuses on return and preservation of principal. My commitment is to help you effectively continue to grow your principle but also add an element of defense to help you maintain your principal balance.

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Change is difficult and particularly so when that change has to work properly for the rest of your life. Most likely you have been following a particular plan or strategy your entire adult life and it’s probably been set up on autopilot. Most folks will use an employer’s sponsored plan like a 401k, 403b, or 457 to build wealth. The monies contributed to these plans come out of your paycheck automatically before taxes and many of these plans even have employer matching contributions or “free money” to boost the power of the compounding on your principal.

These types of forced savings plans have been a true blessing to millions of Americans. Along the way many of today’s retirees encountered the market crashes of 1987, 2000, and 2008. Fortunately, today’s retirees were still working back then and had many years left before their own retirement However, for those who were just starting their retirement journey during these downturns their retirement dreams were significantly altered and for some they were even shattered!

Let’s learn a valuable history lesson so we don’t repeat it in retirement. The crash of 1987 took 2 years to recover, 2000 took 8 years to recover and 2008 took 4 years to recover. That’s a total of 14 years of lost opportunity and if anything like this happens again during your retirement lifetime when you no longer have that paycheck to fall back on, what would happen to you? What adjustments could you make? Would your financial stability be in jeopardy? Do you have a Downturn Defense Strategy?

If you have a retirement income strategy based on statistical probabilities, how confident are you about rolling the dice with your entire life savings? History has a way of repeating itself that’s why I believe every retiree’s essential monthly income needs should be completely removed from risk. I can help you design a mathematically correct retirement income Strategy that will stand the test of time even if the stock market doesn’t cooperate the way we want it to. Let’s have a conversation today and determine if we are a good fit to work together.


Everyone knows Life Insurance exist but very few understand the true power it can provide while you are living. Certainly, it is one of the most effective ways to leverage your cash into a high return, tax-free blessing for your loved ones when you pass.
Life Insurance also has the ability to shield you from future taxes as well as Long Term Care needs.

Taxes and LTC needs during retirement are potentially the two biggest wealth killers our aging population faces today. Life insurance is one of the most effective wealth-building tools ever developed and when properly structured it can provide additional layers of benefits and protection. Sheltering monies inside Life Insurance policies has been a long standing strategy for savvy investors and it reduces your provisional income. Provisional income is the metric the IRS uses to determine your taxation on SS benefits and Medicare surcharges. Also, some people don’t realize that specially designed Life Insurance policies exist to provide cash for LTC needs not just a death benefit.

Today we live in the most medically advanced time in human history and some pre-existing conditions that were not accepted by life insurance companies some 10-20 years ago are today. As your retirement income planning strategist, I can help you determine what coverage could best fill a gap in your strategy adding an additional layer of protection and also what levels you may qualify for. It all comes down to planning and leaving no stone unturned.


Today social security benefits are taxable under the IRS guidelines. The metric for measuring your tax liability on your benefits is referred to as provisional income. Provisional income is the amount of taxable income you receive while claiming your benefits. Many people are not aware they can reduce the taxes on their SS benefits by repositioning a small percentage of their retirement assets.

I help my clients by showing them how to properly structure their retirement assets to avoid taxation on their SS benefits. In many cases, the tax savings realized from smart tax planning could pay for a vacation, family reunion, or other large purchases on an annual basis. By utilizing the IRS tax code to your advantage you could live a better retirement by having more money to spend the way that improves the quality of your life.

I believe that Social Security benefits are the cornerstone of most everyone’s retirement income and you only get one chance to get it right. I help my clients determine if filing for benefits at age 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, or 70 are the correct ages based on our discussions and what we uncover in our conversations during the planning process. I help my clients get it right the first time!


Estate planning is so much more than just a will or trust. As we age and the potential for cognitive impairment increases and health issues pop up. A properly designed Estate Plan could save your loved ones from a disruptive and messy conflict regarding your health directives and assets. We are all just one heartbeat away from it being too late to have your financial house in order. This area is one that I work very closely with all of my clients.

I help my clients live the most dignified life possible as well as protecting all of their hard work which ultimately becomes their legacy. Making sure you are shielded from a world of opportunist and money grabbers is important to me and I believe your family would agree. My clients say they would rather their loved ones to say; “He/she did a fantastic job preparing their legacy and directives as he/she wanted it and we are so grateful!”


How difficult is this change? Let’s consider this? Most people spend their entire working career following a daily routine and living a busy life. Many folks have thought about how heavenly it will feel to do nothing once they retire. Well, statistically it has been measured that people entering retirement who have no purpose or direction are more likely to start developing health issues just 2 short years into retirement.

Planning for your new life in retirement takes more than money. Your emotional capital plays a much bigger role in this new season of life than some folks realize. Having meaning and purpose may never have been more important.

The image of our working career has been our identity or in fact a badge of honor in some respects. Once people step away from all of that interaction and comradery it creates a void that sometimes starts to take a toll on folks emotionally.

I help my clients navigate their way into this new season of life with a newfound purpose and meaning. It just takes a little planning and in some cases experimentation but a new passion is awaiting everyone in this next phase of life. This part of my practice has grown and evolved over the years and I feel as though it could very well be one of the most important elements of my practice.

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