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National 401(k), 403(B), 457 (SDBA) Consultant

“Everyone has a song to sing”

The problem is no one is listening. I believe that your past has a lot to do with the design of your financial future. That’s why it’s so important for an advisor to take the time necessary to listen to your life song. We are all shaped by people, places and things early on in life and many times we find out some of those ideas and thoughts have been dragging us down and even holding us back from living life as we desire. Building a plan is easy… the hard part is drilling down on what matters the most to you today and twenty years from now.

We all have different views towards money and those views are important for your advisor to understand. I am one of those advisors who is willing to listen to your song and your thoughts or concerns regarding “The Money Monster”. I meet folks where they are and help them objectively assess their current reality in a clear and easy to understand way.

The Financial Services Industry has morphed into a complex monster that pumps conflicting information into our lives. Once we cut through the noise and confusion you can arrive at a place of understanding, confidence and peace of mind. I explain how this industry operates so you can make confident decisions.

Thanks to modern technology, I have enjoyed building relationships all over the United States. The added convenience, as well as teaching opportunities, has been one of the main ingredients to helping more families and allowing them to “sing their own song”.

Michael Watkins

Principal, Tampa Bay Advisory

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I teach my clients how to redesign their portfolio mathematically in just a few easy steps to help them, Stop Losing Money, make sure they Never Run Out of Income, set it up Deliberately at the beginning so their Income Automatically gets Bigger Over Time regardless of whether the Stock Market Cooperates the way we want, Preserve their Lump Sum Principal so they can’t run out of money, and finally Build in Liquidity & Flexibility along the way……

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