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“As for the future, your task is not foresee it, but to enable it”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The longest vacation of your life! Retirement "It's always what you don't know that hurts you" Awareness
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What happens when a spouse dies? The Retirement Income Cliff
The most magical age 59 ½

A Message From Michael and Rick

Michael Watkins
Rick Miller


The fact that you are looking at this website suggests that you may have questions or concerns about finances, investments, and/or retirement security.
A part of that is, “Do I really need a Financial Advisor?” That is an important question. Here are some parts of my answer.

Have you ever heard the saying?

“It’s always what you don’t know that hurts you?”
When you are talking about financial and income security for the rest of your life, you really must have full and accurate information in order to make the best choices. Inappropriate or poor choices can jeopardize your retirement security. The result could be running out of money or being unable to fund long-term care sufficiently.

Without an independent Fiduciary Advisor working on your behalf, the odds of making a less than optimum choice are very high. Some individuals and companies in the financial realm may not act in your best interest – this is the reality.

As Fiduciary Advisors, we are committed to giving you full and accurate information as we find the best possible retirement solutions for your unique situation, needs, and desires.c

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