Let’s Identify and Locate your Tax Incentives in less than 15 minutes

In just 15 minutes and a few easy questions about your business I can tell you how much money you are leaving on the table in taxes. Typically, CPAs don’t even know about these special programs for business owners.

You work hard to make your business a profit generating machine.

I work hard to find tax incentives that help you keep as much of that profit as possible

so you can grow faster.

Do you have time for a 15 minute call?


That is all I need in order to help you locate potential tax incentives unique to your specific industry. I will then explain to you the cost and time necessary to recover those benefits.

On average we can help 70% of the businesses we survey

Of those we do help our national recovery average is $200k+


Business accountants find every tax incentive available to your business.


Specialized tax incentives are hidden deep within the IRS 80,000 page guide and the IRS will ONLY accept these audit documents from engineering accounting firms. Growth Management Group is an engineering accounting firm which has served clients for 14 years.

Your Growth is Our Business!

5 STEPS to increasing business profits through tax incentives:

1. Schedule 15 minute Tax Incentive Discovery Call here.

2. If it is determined there are one or more tax incentives which would benefit your business, a longer conference call will be scheduled between key individuals.

3. Conference call with the business owner, the CPA, Michael Watkins, and GMG corporate Management to discuss the findings and what is necessary to move forward.

4. A feasibility study is prepared and given to you so you can review with your CPA.

5. You decide if the process will be a good fit and we discuss next steps.

This Highly Specialized Tax Recovery Service is outside of the CPAs wheelhouse; however your CPA is a crucial component to uncovering these specialized tax incentives. When a business owner’s CPA and GMG Engineers work together, the business owner can potentially save thousands and many times hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax incentives
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