Introduction to Smart Retirement

I serve as a Financial Advisor and Fiduciary to my clients. I am bound by the duty of law to provide the best advice and products or services that match up with my clients objectives. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain financial strategies, so when I found the Smart Plan Advisor Network in early 2020 I was amazed how it the platform was able to break down some of the highest level financial planning strategies into an easy to understand and follow along process. Simplicity, knowledge, awareness and understanding are the keys to my client’s success and peace of mind Smart Software hits a home run with my clients every time. My clients really appreciate how this process gives them a deeper understanding of Financial Planning that sometimes sounds like gibberish.


Tax Smart For Life…

This site will help you understand tax diversification, and what tax awareness may contribute to your retirement. Different retirement accounts receive different tax treatment.

Debt Free For Life…

This site will help you understand how to calculate the interest you’re actually paying on your debts. You’ll likely be interested in knowing the actual interest rate you pay not the stated interest rate on your outstanding loans.


This site will help you to dive deeper into the tax diversification benefits of a SMART 401(k) Plan and for you solo-entrepreneurs, sales-oriented professionals and consultants.

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