Retirement Income Strategies

Retirement Income Planning can be overwhelming for most people. We have developed the “Income for Life” planning process to help people identify potential retirement income cliffs or gaps that all married couples will face at some point in their lives. Our process brings the future into the present so that you can do something about it now while you still have a chance.

There is an old saying; “It’s always too early to plan….. until it’s too late!”

  • There can be substantial drops in income when a spouse dies. (35-65% in many cases).
  • The Department of Health and Humans Services is telling us that nearly 70% of 65 year olds living today will require some form of Long Term Care. That one expense could leave a surviving spouse in financial turmoil.
  • Longevity risks of outliving your money is very real.
  • Many folks have no tax planning strategies in place and don’t understand how to efficiently wind down qualified assets (Pre-tax) like 401(k), 403B and IRA accounts.
  • Too many folks are putting their lifetime savings at risk without considering a defensive strategy. Imagine having your entire retirement income account reduced by 30-50 or even 70%. Do you have a plan “B” We can help you develop a plan “B” so you don’t have to worry!
  • Nobel Laureate economist William Sharpe’s report from the Stanford Center on Longevity: “If you follow the 4% rule you have a 40% chance of running out of money”.

As you plan for your retirement are you more inclined to take a sure thing… or a maybe?

If a sure thing is your answer then schedule a virtual or in person meeting with me. We can help you bring the future into the present so you can do something about it today while you still have a chance. Fiduciary Retirement Income Planning is designed to help you thrive in your retirement. We help you avoid many common mistakes so you can live out your life in comfort and dignity. Our “Income for Life” planning process helps you identify future problems now so you don’t get blindsided later on.

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