401(k) Management

The 401k Revival

Over the last twenty years, two stock market crashes have taken a major bite out of the 401(k) plan participants’ savings—approximately 50% in losses for most plan participants during that time frame. The absolute worst part of these crashes was the staggering twelve years it took to fully recover from those very painful losses. Think about being robbed of the ability to grow and compound your retirement savings for twelve long years.

Implementing strategies to side-step severe stock market crashes is the most important thing 401(k) plan participants can do to protect their retirement wealth. Warren Buffet, the famous investor, says “Never go backwards.” Listen to him, he knows!

Whether you are starting on your career path or near the end of that journey, having the ability to sidestep the large majority of a stock market crash could save you a significant amount of stress and money.

I wrote the 401(k) Revival for the regular American Investor. I reveal many of the untold truths about 401(k) investing. I also explain risk management strategies that you can implement immediately. I believe this is one book that all 401(k) participants must read.

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