Retirement Planning

Steps to create a sound Retirement Plan

  • Determine Goals

  • Gather Data

  • Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Status

  • Create a Plan

  • Implement the Plan

  • Monitor the Plan and Make Necessary Adjustments

Tampa Bay Advisory offers a full retirement plan, including:

Income Plan: Creating a plan to provide a stable form of income in retirement so a nest egg is not the only source of income.

Social Security Integration: Maximizing Social Security benefits for you and your spouse means knowing the best time to starting taking Social Security so you can get the most income for the rest of your lives.

Investment Analysis: Studying current investments by looking at factors such as how the fund has performed compared to its benchmark. It is also important to compare the performance of similar funds, its expense ratio, management stability, sector weighting, and asset allocation.

Estate Plan: Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. It is the process of preparing for the disposal of an estate. Estate planning includes wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, ownership of property, powers of attorney and so much more.

Beneficiary Review: Making sure all beneficiary statements are appropriate and up-to-date.

Risk Mitigation: A strategy that will minimize the impact of emotions, increase income to maintain purchasing power, preserve principal, and realize the best possible chance of achieving projected results by keeping growth assets invested over long holding periods.

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