Michael Watkins

“What you don’t know you don’t know… And sometimes what you think you know really isn’t so.”
—Jim Rohn

A Good Steward

Our Mathematically Correct Retirement Income Strategies are built to stand the test of time regardless if the stock market performs the way we would like it to. Everyone nearing retirement remembers the market crashes of 2008, 2000, & 1987. During those times many people relying on their retirement income from market-based strategies had to significantly reduce their income or in some cases even stop drawing income all together to avoid completely running out of money.


I design mathematically correct retirement income strategies using contractually guaranteed instruments to provide our client’s with increasing lifetime income that is designed to keep up with inflation and built to last as long as they live. I am blessed that so many people have entrusted me with their entire financial future.


Trust is the key element in a client/advisor relationship and that’s why I am, and will always be, an Independent Advisor free from all of the entanglements and pressures of the big box retail banks and brokerage houses. I have NO proprietary products to sell, no sales quotas, or ANY allegiance to a company or product. People trust me to represent them and their best interests which is impossible to do under those conditions.

A Different Standard

Michael Watkins is the principal of Tampa Bay Advisory, LLC and operates his practice by the Fiduciary Standard. That means Michael is held to the highest level of accountability and client care regarding his client’s well-being and understanding of their financial dealings. Visiting with Michael either in his Oldsmar, Florida office and online or by phone is an experience very different from what you may have encountered in the past from other Financial Advisors. Michael has a unique way of letting his clients open up, be themselves, and tell it like it is while feeling comfortable doing so.

“In order to provide the best solutions for my clients I must listen very carefully and ask very important but necessary questions at levels few advisors are trained to do”. By uncovering and locating underlying concerns or preconceived ideas people have regarding their money, I can properly define their retirement income strategy so they can walk confidently into retirement with the correct math by their side”.

Michael also believes that everyone needs to have their financial house in order “today” because “we are only one heartbeat away from it being too late”!  By delivering the highest level of leadership and guidance my clients can transition into their retirement years with greater peace of mind and confidence. If you have yet to find the level of leadership you are looking for I invite you to give me a call so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together and bring your retirement income strategy to life.

We are Dedicated

We provide Individuals and Business Owners with the most accurate information, leadership and guidance needed for the wellbeing of their financial future. We also believe in an unbiased, transparent approach so you can make smart and confident decisions. There are Pros and Cons to many financial products and services and we explain every detail at a six-grade level so there is no room for misunderstanding. If you don’t understand something in your plan we stop and focus on it until you are 100% clear.

Simplicity and user-friendly design elements make our plans so easy to manage and you will rarely spend more than a few hours annually to check in with your portfolio.

We practice full transparency and disclosure in all of our business dealings which sets us apart from most in the industry. In today’s world, some words are thrown around loosely and many have lost their true meaning, and the word “Fiduciary” happens to be one of those words. Many advisors claim that label yet some do not honor the true standard required of it. So, how do you know who is a Fiduciary? Answer: When you find a True Fiduciary you sense it and feel it. 

Meet Michael Watkins

Michael was born and raised in Richmond Virginia. He is married to his bride “Annie” and they have three daughters and seven grandchildren. Michael lives in Dunedin, Florida just west of Tampa along the gulf coast and he enjoys the slower pace and beautiful Florida weather. He has always loved the great outdoors and experiencing the many wonders of God’s creation.

Michael says “With every passing year I understand more and more how fragile this journey we call life truly is.” I believe the richness of life is not measured in terms of how much wealth we have accumulated but rather in the difference we have made in the lives of our family, friends and even total strangers.

I have been a serial entrepreneur most of my adult life. Ten years ago I made a commitment to helping my baby boomer generation discover what I had been searching for but could never find myself which is honest, accurate, sensible, and mathematically correct financial advice. All of the advice I was receiving seemed to be tethered to a bank, brokerage house or insurance company and very slanted towards “Their Brand” which is why I started second-guessing some strategies. I got the feeling if someone like me who researches things down to the ridiculous was having trouble then I was sure many other boomers were right there with me and by golly…. I was right!

I love what I do for a living and thanks to modern technology I have been able to touch more lives than I ever dreamed possible. I work with as many people outside the Tampa Bay area as I do locally. That sounds pretty crazy when you think about it but that just reinforces what I do is unique and hard to find. 


Office: (813) 854-4400

Cell: (727) 243-6467

About Me:

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Birthday: December 15th

Favorite Food: Filet Mignon, Greens, and Low-Glycemic Starch

Favorite Movie: What About Bob

Favorite Color: Blue Spectrums

Favorite Hobby: Outdoor activities, Golf, Travel, Creative writing, Self Improvement

Favorite Quote: “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence… Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” -Calvin Coolidge

Favorite Team: US Olympic Team

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